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We are a marketing studio where epic ideas are incubating to reinvent the medical industry as well as other fields. 

Located in sunny San Diego, our full service studio delivers both digital and traditional experiences and content. It’s all about being smart and creative… everything we do is stunningly attractive and highly efficient too, maximizing your ROI in order to increase your revenues. 

Our talented team worked for over 20 years in the medical and marketing fields and is obsessed with efficiency and results.
Welcome to Epidemic Ideas

marketing studio

what we do


Our marketing studio specializes in showcasing professional practices through an efficient online presence, stunning websites, advertising, promotion, branding and trade shows. We spread your innovation! Our talented teams do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you get results while putting all of your focus and energy where it actually belongs: your clients and patients.

Creative Branding

A brand should be an instant "Ta-da!". Our creative branding service synchronizes every aspect of your business and let you thrive in the market space with a modern combination of a logo, banners, visuals and everything needed for a stellar presence.
Logo Design
Brand positioning
Slogan & Storytelling
Brand book & Copywriting
Competition Mapping

creative branding

Powerful Websites

Whether your website needs a little makeover, a total change from scratch or a powerful SEO strategy, our team of developers, web designers and programmers is ready to help you! Adopt a stunning website without spending all your marketing budget.

SEO that works

Improve the quality of traffic based on a SEO process designed on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. Rank higher on the platforms like Google and Bing. Secure a top position, outperforming your main competitors locally and nationally.
Website Design
Website Development
Custom Frameworks
SEO Content Strategy
Domains & Server Space

website & SEO

Digital Marketing

Our teams of marketers adopt the latest strategies and focus on tangible results. Generate qualified leads, convert more clients and build a stronger relationship with your existing customers, by adopting a powerful online strategy and effective social media presence.
Social Media Campaigns
Content Marketing
Paid Media
Graphic Design
Email marketing & newsletters
Database management

digital marketing

Advertising & Promotion

Advertising and promotion are another daunting task... Epidemic Ideas is a team of marketers, designers and media experts that specialize in distributing your content and presence and spreading the word about your business.
Advertising Concept
Media Plans
Print Ads, Brochures & Flyers
Promotional Materials


Trade Shows

Need materials for an upcoming trade show? Don’t worry - all you need is to hire us and get the best visual representation of your expertise in various styles and formats.
Booth Concept & Experience
3D renderings
Project Management

trade shows

Food for thought


Strategy is the best focus of everything that we do in the professional marketing world. When you decide to work with our team at Epidemic Ideas, our first step is to analyze your current situation, understand your needs and carve out a specific strategy that covers all of the actions needed for a stellar traditional and digital performance.

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Epidemic Ideas is your best chance for success in the field of service marketing. We will do…

Everything that you need
  • Great mobile-ready responsive website
  • Create unlimited pages and blog posts
  • With your brand, content and domain
  • Upload unlimited images and videos
  • Easily add and update your content
  • Search engine and client friendly
  • Specific strategy and training
  • Track your potential clients
  • That you own and control
  • Fast and friendly support
  • Unlimited intake forms
  • Fast-loading and secure
  • Unlimited Content Edits
  • Super Fast Turnaround
  • Medical Practice SEO
  • Marketing reports
  • Proven designs
  • Built in blogs
And nothing you don’t need
  • No Black Hat SEO that can hurt your business
  • No dependence on wasteful pay-per-click ads
  • No Unsafe Frameworks like (Wordpress, Wix)
  • No long-term contracts or hidden costs
  • No complex technology to manage
  • No waiting for changes to be made
  • No conflicting directory businesses
  • No waiting for changes to be made
  • No conflicting businesses
  • No long-term contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No fixed costs
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